Maybe you have shared a meme before, which stated something like “Would you live in this house for X amount of time without leaving it, or using the internet and cellphone, in exchange for a X amount of money?!?!”

I guess we got a little preview of that with the novel Coronavirus, but it seems harder than we all imagined. Even with access to the internet. People have been finding great ways to stay busy, like developing a new hobby, finally getting around to cleaning the attic, or doing online work. Others might feel stuck and feel like they are wasting valuable time. They just graduated, or are close to graduating, and they are anxious to start their professional career.

Instead they are on lockdown until further notice. Borders have closed, so traveling is out of the question. Doing an internship in another country? Forget about it. Right?

There is another option though. You could do a remote internship with an international company, from the comfort of your own home. Or that cute little coffee shop around the corner if you’re allowed to leave the house from time to time. Just keep social distancing in mind, will ya?

Wait, a remote internship? What the hell is that then? As the last couple of months have shown us, there is a lot of work that can be done without actually being present in a traditional office setting. With a remote internship you can conveniently do tasks, assignments, and projects, while being stuck at home. Let’s list some reasons why a remote internship could be good idea for you:

Less expenses!
Filling up your car with gas? Riding the subway or bus? Forget about it, you can just roll out of bed, and you are ready to work! And just imagine the money you save on snacks, make-up, and impulse buying on your work-home commute.

More time!
You just cut your morning commute from 30-60 minutes, to about 20 seconds. Which leaves you with an insane amount of extra time every day that you can spend on your hobbies, talking to your SO, or swiping on Tinder. Or look up cat videos. All good, no judgement here.

No dress code!
If I could wear basketball shorts to work for the rest of my life, I would be soooooo happy. Seriously… Well, by doing a remote internship you can wear whatever you want while you are working! Just make sure to get dressed properly when you have a conference call or Zoom-meeting. At least the top half of your body, haha.

Productivity galore!
Due to the reasons mentioned above, and more, your productivity will be through the roof! You don’t have to worry about so many things, which gives you extra mental space to focus on your remote internship. Not worrying about if your socks match, you will make it to the office on time, or if you have enough money to go out drinking with your co-workers can give you that extra headspace to just focus on your tasks, and get stuff done!

Ultimate flexibility!
You are working remotely. Your tasks will be set out for you, and you don’t necessarily have to adhere to office times! So you have all freedom to schedule your day as you please, if you stick to your deadlines though. This means you have the freedom to do some part-time work somewhere else, which complements the first point of this article!

Of course there are also some things that you will miss out on. While working remotely, team work will be limited. If you are a real team player, that might sting you a little. Networking will also be hard, unless you have a daily meeting with your cats all the way over there in the living room. If you are an introvert however, like many of us, these negatives might not sound so negative after all.

There you have it. Every crappy thing that happens in the world can be turned into an opportunity. You just have to find out how. So have you decided how you are going to spend the remainder of this Corona-cr#p? Are you going to binge Netflix and eat ice cream for the whole thing, or are you only going to do that a little bit and start your remote internship?