Inturns focuses on countries that have business ecosystems that are developing in a dynamic manner and in turn creating some interesting, cutting edge companies. Asia is at the forefront of the global economy and this is represented in our countries of expertise. Inturns is based in Seoul, South Korea and has extensive links to networks in Asia and beyond.

Korea is known for Hallyu (Korean Wave), which is a term that’s used to describe how Korea’s culture is spreading throughout the world. Their music, dramas, movies, and even food can be found everywhere. Surely you’ve heard of K-Pop, and the Oscar-winning movie “Parasite”? And it doesn’t matter where you live in the world, you are probably surrounded by Korean brands. Samsung, Hyundai, LG, Kia. All of these companies are kicking butt in the global market! Doing an internship at a South Korean company is a perfect way to set yourself up for a career anywhere in the world.

Japan has a business culture that is unique, exciting, and open-minded. The Japanese domestic market is strong and competitive, but the people still crave a lot of foreign products. Innovation is key in Japan, which results in a highly dynamic environment for work and a great place to test new technologies, products, and services. Having the experience of working with a Japanese company will have a positive impact on your life.

China. You may have heard about this little country in Asia. It is the largest exporter in the world and even though they are already huge, China is still a growing economic market. China is immensely different from other countries when you look at culture, language and business.

Hong Kong is a melting pot of Chinese and Western influences, resulting in a very interesting multicultural landscape. It makes it easier for foreigners to adapt to working with Hong Kong companies, while still experiencing a brand new culture. You can’t go wrong with doing a remote internship with Hong Kong-based companies, and it will look great on your resume when you are progressing on your career path.

Singapore is a truly global business centre. Their strategy for the last decade revolved around positioning themselves as being a home away from home for foreign companies. Low corporate taxes, near emerging economies, great infrastructure, and easy access to funding, are some of the reasons why business is booming in Singapore. Combine that with the fact that Singapore is the world’s second easiest place to do business, and you have a recipe for success.

Free trade agreements, loads of FDI promotion, and trade wars between other countries, are some of the reasons why Vietnam’s exports rose so much, especially with the US. Furthermore, giants like Samsung and LG have started manufacturing operations in Vietnam to take advantage of the labor force over there. From farm produce to textiles and mechanical products, Vietnam has it all.

Can’t find the country you’re looking for? Although the aforementioned countries are our core offerings, we have an extensive network in a number of countries. Let us know in your application which country is your preference and we’ll see what we can do