We closely follow all and every development regarding COVID-19 in South Korea and the relevant organizations to ensure everything is safe regarding your international internship.

How does Inturns make decisions about their program in this pandemic?

The safety and health of the students comes first. Always. At this stage the Inturns program is not at risk. We consult with the authorities on an ongoing basis, and if the risk level changes we will make decisions accordingly.

Did Inturns cancel their program due to COVID-19?

We did pause our program in 2020 due to the pandemic. Currently however, we are confident to help motivated students come to South Korea in a safe and secure manner so that they can get the international experience they need.

What if the COVID-19 situation changes drastically and the Inturns program has to be paused or cancelled?

If the situation changes, and we can no longer feel comfortable bringing students to Korea in a safe and secure manner, we will discuss other options with the students. For example postponing it for a short period of time.

What if a student decides to withdraw from the Inturns program after being enrolled, out of concern for COVID-19?

At Inturns we completely understand that everyone has a different tolerance towards risk and/or information. If a student wants to withdraw from the Inturns program after enrollment, the student will be subject to the terms of the withdrawal policy that is applicable for them. You can find more information in the Terms and Conditions.

If my country or South Korea puts up a travel ban, can I get a refund?

If there is a travel ban in place or a travel ban in South Korea for your country of origin within 4 weeks before your program start date, you will be given the option to postpone your program to a later date. Please note that we will waive all applicable administration fees.

Should I purchase a trip cancellation insurance or refundable airfare?

The situation in South Korea is quite well under control, but anything can happen. We highly recommend that you purchase refundable airline tickets or some sort of cancellation insurance just in case. Inturns does not assume any responsibility for such losses or penalties.

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