Everything parents need to know about their child's internship.

At Inturns we help motivated students to find an internship in South Korea. We understand that you as parents might have a million questions regarding that, so we would like to answer those for you as much as we can.

Internships are a vital part of someone’s growth, both professionally and personally. They help people to experience what they think they want to do with their lives. Internships allow for an opportunity to solidify that choice, or to maybe pivot away from it. Either way, it is an immensely valuable experience. Especially by doing an internship abroad, in a country like South Korea, you create a whole other dimension to the internship experience. It expands perspectives and comfort zones, resulting in a life-changing experience.

Doing an internship abroad gives your child international work experience. With the current job market, where competition is thriving, international work experience can help set your child apart from the competition. Living and working abroad will make your child able to adapt to the increasingly global career market out there.

Finding an internship is not easy to say the least. It can be frustrating, also for the parents. We at Inturns want to help by making it less stressful. With our experience and insights we can take away some of that stress for you, and your child.

Your child’s internship should be in line with their career plans. At Inturns we will find an internship that does just that. We require all of our partner companies to supply us with in-depth and detailed internship descriptions and information, so we can ensure that the company and student will be a great fit. This will result in a relevant internship experience for your child, instead of an internship that will not benefit his or her future career goals.

The team at Inturns will be available to your child to assist them during the internship if any calamities occur. We will do everything in our power to make this internship a memorable and worthwhile experience for your child.

We should note that students are not to legally intern abroad without a proper visa. We have a lot of experience with Korean visas, and we will assist your child through the visa process. Your child can be assured that everything will go smoothly and correctly, so they can complete their international experience and enjoy every minute they spend in South Korea.

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