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LinkedIn & Resume Review

Comprehensive review of your Linkedin profile and resume that will add value to you long after the internship ends.

Career Coach

Dedicated career coach that assists you in getting in the right frame of mind to capture your internship and future career.

Interview Strategy Session

Interview strategy session that prepares you to approach interviews prepared and with confidence.

Internship Placement

Placement in a remote internship with a suitable company suited to your career goals.


Certificate on successful completion of your internship and documentation of duties performed.

University Credits

We're happy to facilitate the provision of university credits for the internship. Please reach out for more information.


The Inturns program helps you get work experience from anywhere on the globe! Doing a remote internship gives you more freedom as to how and when you work. An added bonus is all the time saved from not having to commute to a boring office. In this day and age, especially with all the current turn of events, the Inturns Program from Jobfindr can offer you a valuable work experience no matter where you are. Welcome to the future.

There could be numerous reasons why someone would prefer a remote internship over a traditional internship, but here are some of the reasons we encounter the most frequent:

  • Inturns aspire to have an international career in the future, but for now they have obligations in their own country that prevent them from going abroad, and consequently prevent them from obtaining experience with international companies.
  • Inturns have wanderlust. They love to travel and explore new places. That lifestyle is not possible if you are confined to a certain city or country. Remote internships give them the freedom they want, but at the same time they can gather valuable working experiences.
  • The novel Coronavirus is sweeping the world at the moment. Countries are locked down, planes are not flying, people are self-quarantining, and companies are working remotely. We don’t know how long this will last, and students are losing valuable time. Inturns want to spend this time wisely, so it doesn’t get lost. A remote internship where they can work from the comfort of their own home, while gaining international work experience is a great way to get through this pandemic.

To be able to become an Inturn, you have to either be enrolled in a university or you already graduated! Recently graduated, or graduated 30 years ago and want to try something new? Doesn’t matter! Everyone is welcome to become an Inturn as long as they are ready to immerse themselves in an educational experience and do their best to grow as a personal and professional.

The Inturns fee covers the curation of a remote internship with an international company. This process includes the initial consultation, LinkedIn and resume review and placement within a company. If we can’t offer you a suitable internship, we’ll refund the fee.

Inturns participants are required to have a strong command of English. Being able to speak multiple languages is of course a huge benefit, but English is a minimum requirement.

No. Since you are able to work from home, or that cute little coffee shop around the corner, you are not leaving the country. Hence, Inturns don’t need to get a visa for the country their company is located in.

The Inturns program, which is powered by Jobfindr, has a vast network of companies in a whole lot of different business sectors. We are aiming to provide you with suitable opportunities in all industries. If you are interested in starting a remote internship in an industry that isn’t listed on our website, send us a message! We can dig into our network to see if we can accommodate you!