Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions laid out on this page will apply to all participants of the Inturns Program. By applying to the Inturns Program, you are entering into this Agreement. The layout of these Terms and Conditions does not affect the legal construction or interpretation of this Agreement.

Definitions within this agreement

“you” or “your” means the participant.

“we”, “us” or “our” means Inturns

Agreement means a contractually binding agreement between us and you that is made up of the application form and the terms and conditions set out in this document.

Commencement Date means the date, agreed upon with you in advance, that the program begins.

Program Fee means the fee that must be paid by you in advance of your placement in order to secure your place in the program.

Participant means a participant in the program and participants means all and any participant.

Program means any remote internship placements or service offered by Inturns.

Preference Industry means your first, second and third choice of preferred industries or internship fields as established by Phone/Skype/Google Hangout interview during our admissions process.

Placement Deadline means 21 days prior to your Commencement Date or agreed upon otherwise in the Interview.

Internship Provider means your host company

Acceptance letter means the letter provided electronically to you confirming we have accepted you into our program

Inturns means “ARCLABS, INC.”, 19F, 83 Uisadang-daero, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

Our Role

In return for receipt of the Program Fee, we will perform the following services:

(a) Provide you with an internship placement within the preference industry as illustrated in your Acceptance Letter.

(b) Provide contact details of Inturns staff in case of any difficulties or problems might arise, if necessary.

We will only be responsible for and are only bound to provide the services and matters set out in Section 1 above.

Participant Eligibility

We reserve the right to reject the application of any person we deem unsuitable for our program at our own discretion without giving any further explanation. To verify your suitability, we may request an additional interview or ask you to provide contact details of your references and/or academic transcripts.


(a) Your program fee depends on the package you select. The program fee is in return for our service being solely used to reserve your position in the program and cover certain related administrative expenses. Upon receiving your program fee, Inturns agrees to place you in an internship by the placement deadline.

(b) Upon payment of your program fee, you agree that the information illustrated in your acceptance letter is correct. You agree to fully cooperate with Inturns in its attempts to find you a placement and agree to do so until the passing of the Placement Deadline. Examples of non-cooperation include, but are not limited to:

Not actively working with your assigned internship consultant;

Skipping, missing, or arriving late for your scheduled internship interviews;

Not engaging in internship discussions with your internship consultant;

Not responding to Inturns communications within 72 hours regardless of non-business days;

Allowing the placement process to be delayed due to missing agreed payment due dates;

Refusing internships offered to you if they fall under the preferred industry choices as stated in your acceptance letter;

Contacting our internship provider (your host company) on your own without former written consent from Inturns.

(c). It is your responsibility to prepare for the internship interview arranged by us. If you fail to adequately prepare for any of the scheduled interviews you will forfeit your deposit. Failing to properly prepare for the interview is defined as failing one or more of the points below:

  • Not properly researching about the internship provider;
  • Not properly learning about the industry job function;
  • Missing the scheduled interview time without prior written notice (at least 48 hours before the scheduled interview);
  • Failing three or more interviews;
  • Failure to provide a sample portfolio of your previous work (if requested);
  • Refusing internships offered to you if they fall under your first, or second industry choice as stated in your acceptance letter;
  • Making requests that fall outside of what is the responsibility of Inturns.

(d). If the respective internship provider offers you an internship placement after the successful interview with them, you will have the following options available:

  • Accept the internship and proceed with the final payment within the specified payment deadline;
  • Decline the internship offer and schedule for another interview, if enough time is still available for the internship search (the commencement date has to be at least ten weeks ahead from the date of your written decline sent to us by email);
  • If you have already declined two internship offers and/or failed two interviews with the respective internship providers previously, you will be given the option to either accept your final offer or cancel your program (in this case no refund will be applicable).

Inturns will schedule up to three interviews with internship providers in total (if the commencement date is at least ten weeks ahead). We cannot address any specific requests beyond your specified industries in your Acceptance Letter, e.g. sub-industries within an industry, firm size, company operations, corporate culture, etc.

(e). If Inturns is unable to place you in an internship role as stated in your Acceptance Letter before the placement deadline, you will be given the option (1) to withdraw from the program and receive a refund of your deposit made by you (“Full Refund”), or (2) to request Inturns to continue searching for placement in an extended time frame agreed. If we are still unable to place you within the extended time frame, you will receive a Full Refund. Note the Full Refund is only applicable if you do not fail according to the conditions stated in section 3(c).

(f). If your deposit is received by us less than 8 weeks before the commencement date, your Commencement Date will be delayed by the number of days the deposit should have been received by (the minimum period is 8 weeks prior).

(g). All Program Fees must be paid in full, 42 days prior to the commencement date unless agreed otherwise. Participants, who fail to meet this requirement, may receive none of the benefits of the Program. 

(h). You are responsible for covering all and any charges related to foreign currency transfers and international bank payments. This applies to your program fee and any other transfer to us. If you underpay your deposit due to not covering for foreign currency exchange and transfer charges, you will make up the remaining balance before you begin the program.

For the avoidance of doubt, we will only be responsible for and are only bound to provide the services and matters set out in Section 1 above.

Cancellations, Refunds

(a) If you wish to withdraw from the program it must be done via a written request. For the avoidance of doubt, such a written request can be made by email to inturns@jobfindr.com

(b) If you withdraw from the program for any reason other than Inturns’s failure to place you by the placement deadline within the industries stated in your acceptance letter, or if Inturns determines, in its sole discretion, you did not fully cooperate in the placement process at anytime before the placement deadline, such as stated in conditions in section 3 (b) and (c), Inturns will be entitled to the deposit.

(c) If you withdraw from the program for any reason after being placed with an internship provider, Inturns will be entitled to the full amount of the placement fee. 

(d) Unless previously agreed, if you want to change the dates of your participation in the program, or change any part of the information stated in the acceptance letter you received after having paid the Deposit, you agree that you will be charged an administrative fee of up to $300 USD. If such a request is made within 28 days of the commencement date or after an invitation letter has been issued we reserve the right to refuse the change request or apply an additional charge, which shall be determined at our sole discretion.

(e) If for any reason, we have to cancel your participation in the program, prior to your commencement date, a full refund of the program fee, including the deposit, will be given to you. A full refund will be issued only if the cancellation is for reasons not attributable to you. No other compensation can be given for any other costs incurred in relation to the program.

(f) All refunds will be issued after deducting any foreign exchange charges and bank transfer fees.

Promotional Content

The content and information displayed on our website and other promotional material are believed to be valid and correct, but we cannot be held liable and do not take any responsibility for any misinformation or ambiguities in the content. Prices are subject to change without further notice and you will be liable for additional amounts owed due to price changes unless your deposit has already been paid.

Program Format

We reserve the right to change our suppliers and the format of our program as and when necessary, however we will endeavor to provide you with a similar program as possible at all times.


We cannot accept any responsibility or liability for program changes or program cancellations under any of the following circumstances: war or threat of war; terrorism; natural disasters, fire; sickness; pandemic; or, any other event or circumstance which amounts to a “force majeure” and in such cases no refund or compensation for any loss will be given to you unless otherwise decided at our sole discretion.

Participant Responsibility

(a) It is your responsibility to be aware of any national holidays or other events that may change the nature of the program. 

(b) It is your responsibility to inform us if your internship is academic credit-bearing and to submit all related documentation to the Inturns team prior to your commencement date

Conflicts & Problems

(a) If you should experience any problems whilst partaking in our program, you must immediately inform us in writing by email or letter, with a clear explanation of the problem. In such an event, we will discuss the problem with you and will try to find ways in which the problem can be solved. We are not responsible for any conversations or anything that is said unless it is recorded in the written form either by email or letter.

(b) You agree to discuss any problems in your placement with your internship consultant prior to discussing it with your internship provider. If the assigned internship provider wishes to terminate your placement prior to the end of the stated time as a result of your inadequate or unhelpful participation or prolonged or repeated absence from work, you understand that no refund of fees will be given in this situation and we are under no obligation to provide another placement to you. 

(c) If you wish to terminate your placement prior to the end of the time stated in the internship agreement for any reason you must provide us with written notice, clearly stating reasons for such a decision. You agree that no refund of the program fee or any other fees will be made in this situation, and that no other placement will be offered to you.


We, our partner companies, suppliers and members of staff cannot be held responsible for any case of injury, accident, claim, theft, damage, sickness, cancellation or loss, in relation to our or their services.

Third-party actions

We take no responsibility and are not liable for any third-party behavior or actions including the internship provider. 

Non-Disclosure Agreements  (NDA)

(a) Non-Disclosure Agreements are widely used in most international companies throughout the world and considered industry standards. In instances where your assigned internship provider demands it, you agree to sign the respective Non-Disclosure Agreement. Regardless of whether or not the assigned internship provider requires a written Non-Disclosure Agreement, you agree to respect and keep the intellectual property of the assigned internship provider confidential. Any work produced during your internship remains the sole property of your assigned internship provider unless otherwise specified.

(b) You hereby agree not to disclose specifics or any disputes regarding your internship to other program participants or third parties outside of Inturns or your assigned internship provider.


We are not responsible for the workload provided by the internship provider whether it is of high or low volume. In such situations, you should discuss the problem with us and we will endeavor to resolve the issue accordingly.

Maximum liability

Our maximum liability is limited to the program fee.

Additions and removals to your participation in the program

(a) Any additions to the Program by you when you have already started your remote internship will incur the full fee difference between the original program and the desired program, plus an administration fee of $200 USD. Any such program changes or extensions are made at the sole discretion of Inturns and cannot be guaranteed.

(b) Any requested removals or reductions to the program by you will not entitle you to a full or partial refund from your program fee already paid prior to the start of your program.


Any litigation and legal dispute is exclusively dealt under the jurisdiction of the Seoul Central District Court.

Other terms and conditions

(a) A person who is not a party to this agreement shall not have any rights under or in connection with the agreement.

(b) The rights of the parties to terminate, rescind, or agree on any variation, waiver or settlement under the agreement is not subject to the consent of any person that is not a party to this agreement.

(c) If a provision of the agreement (or part of any provision) is found by any court or other authority of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that provision or part-provision shall, to the extent required, be deemed not to form part of the agreement, and the validity and enforceability of the other provisions of the agreement shall not be affected.

(d) If a provision of the agreement (or any part of any provision) is found illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the provision shall apply with the minimum modification necessary to make it legal, valid and enforceable or the parties shall negotiate in good faith to amend such provisions such that, as amended, it is legal, valid and enforceable, and, to the greatest extent possible, achieves the parties’ original commercial intention.

You hereby agree to the terms and conditions as set above. If you are found to be in violation of these, Inturns reserves the right to issue legal proceedings against you.